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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Most CMS packages are PHP based, why is this? - PHP

Most CMS packages are PHP based, why is this? - PHP To paraphrase myself (I've taken to posting a lot on theScripts) here's why SO many CMSs seem to be in PHP with a database backend (though the latter seems extremely common sense) The idea behind CMSs being database driven is because of the following premises: a)If you need a CMS you must have a lot of content to organize and b)Databases are the best way to organize a lot of information so logically it follows that you would use a database to organize all of the information. The reason PHP is so often used is probably because it is very readable, simple, and well suited for the task. CMSs are not super-technical in nature. I don't mean to put them down because they are good at what they do, but they're a simple tool. You don't need a lot of technical complexity to issue a few queries on the database to get content to the page. That being said, many choose PHP because it is simple, lightweight, and good at doing SQL queries and writing them to a page.


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